The last few days of earnings reports from publicly traded retailers have been a blood bath.

However, look closely under the covers and you will see a rapidly growing demand for innovative solutions that can enable the entire retail ecosystem (retailers, brands, merchandisers, marketing agencies) to more effectively collaborate and leverage hourly labor in the part-time economy.

You see, modern retailers are faced with three realities:

1.  Store labor is under intense pressure due to wage inflation, 
declining foot traffic, and a priority to fund omni channel innovation.

2. Store labor still determines success or failure because: 1) Customers keep coming back when they have a quality in-store service experience; and 2) They stop coming back when they have a poor in-store service experience.

3. When stores can not hire enough direct labor, they are motivated to find partners who have the resources and workforce automation systems to deliver high quality, temporal, hourly labor alternatives.

It's true, times are tough for retail.  However, as ecosystem players scramble to find answers — we will be there, ready, willing, able to help.

Topics: Retail Labor
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