If you're anything like most specialty retailers, then your store managers are probably spending too much time in the closet (or in the back room) fighting with unwieldy spreadsheets in an attempt to schedule the right people at the right times -- and trying to do so in a manner that (hopefully) matches with their allotment of labor hours for the week.

This, of course, is a problem because store managers are your best employees. They don't belong in closets. They belong on the sales floor where they can answer customer questions, provide coaching to store associates and attend to important tasks -- all of which increase revenue and improve retail profits.

The innovative solution to this problem is called Natural Insight 2.0, and it will be unveiled next week at the NRF's Big Show in New York City. It's a cloud based and uniquely integrated workforce management platform that features a remarkably simple interface for creating store schedules that are aligned with defined labor plans.

Here's a peek at what it looks like.

Natural Insight Retail Schedule

As you can see, it's much prettier than a spreadsheet, and hidden under the hood is a powerful labor compliance engine that automatically compares the store's schedule with the retailer's carefully defined labor plan.

Similar to fuel injection in a sports car, this compliance capability is present if you need it, but otherwise invisible. Furthermore, this capability is extremely innovative because, for the first time ever, retailers have a simple, affordable and real time way to coordinate with store managers and verify that schedules are aligned with labor plans.

How exactly does it work? Besides all the magic, the simple answer is that we start by using our Scheduling API to integrate labor forecasting data from leading solution providers such as Kronos, Work Brain and Workplace systems. Then, as store managers create schedules they are literally presented with green checkmarks or red x's. Green = good. Red X = bad.

Natural Insight Compliance Engine

The result is that store managers no longer live in the closet. Schedules are created in minutes that align with defined labor plans. And, best of all, managers spend most of their time where they belong...on the sales floor helping customers.

To see a full demo come see us at NRF Booth #3475 -- or simply click the button below.

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Shannon King is a Marketing Manager at Natural Insight. She's an avid Washington, D.C. sports fan and traveler/adventurer. Say hi on Twitter @shannonking456