Natural Insight is cloud-based workforce management software used by marketing agencies, product companies and retailers to organize, schedule, manage and measure mobile teams of people performing a wide variety of marketing and sales tasks.

It might not be the sexiest software in the world -- but it does uniquely integrate labor scheduling, time keeping, task management, data collection and analytics. Furthermore, it supports more than 40,000 people working in 70,000 locations who capture 250,000 photos and 9,000,000 points of data every single month.

Yeah, it's true, we definitely capture lot's of data.

And since no application is an island unto itself -- it's our responsibility to give customers a collection of web services so they can easily cross pollinate data between Natural Insight and various other enterprise apps.

Just like the birds and the bees, software web services is a fairly complicated subject. Therefore, we've created the following presentation to explain in simplest terms how customers can "push and pull" data "to and from" the Natural Insight workforce management system.

Take a peep...and tell us what you think.

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