The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that all full-time employees (defined as working on average at least 30 hours a week) be offered health coverage. Now, merchandisers, experiential marketing agencies and any employer with largely seasonal or part-time staff must have more control than ever with regard to scheduling and managing labor hours.

Spreadsheets, time clocks and outdated software packages are not sufficient to protect employers. They need modern tools to schedule, measure, manage and report labor in a manner that automatically maximizes compliance and minimizes costs.

That's why we developed Hours Management, a new capability within our workforce management platform. Hours Management is built into our scheduling engine and helps companies automatically comply with labor regulations and minimize unintended benefit costs associated with accidental over-scheduling.

Here's how it works.

Natural Insight administrators define and promote thresholds for allowed labor hours per month, per week, or per day. These thresholds can be defined for the entire company, or individual employees. Thresholds for individual employees are attributes associated with the employee’s staff profile. Thus, these thresholds flow seamlessly into the Natural Insight scheduling engine. The result is that managers and employees are automatically prevented from accidentally over-scheduling – which automatically protects the company from unintended benefit costs.

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