Field execution means boots on the ground. There’s simply no way around it.

The challenge, however, is keeping teams lean and tracking progress to ensure work is completed perfectly and on time. That’s no easy feat; this situation often results in scheduling difficulties, compliance failures and missed deadlines.

Learn the latest field management software developments that clear the path for your merchandising efforts from stockroom to basket and end these logistics difficulties.

  1. Mistake-Killing Field Management through Profiles, Filtering and Fit

While Natural Insight provides field management software that solves mismatches for jobs and assignments, we thought you’d like to see how our software secret makes it work.

Build Profiles for Quick Organization

One secret comes through carefully designed profiles. But why bother with them? Well, when it comes to quickly staffing area coverage, you don’t want to just send people from a list of names.


When your staffers get there, what if they need to do a demo for wine and beer, but they are under 21? What happens if you send a display setup expert to handle experiential sales demos? Don’t let those hours go to waste reshuffling your staff setup.

With the Natural Insight platform, you’ll be able to assign groups of tasks to merchandising managers and team leads using the right editing/assignment permissions, so they can quickly filter and assign the right (available) staff as needed.

Then, by filtering available staff by talents and necessary skills, coordinators can build the right team for the right job at the right time.

Bonus: Here are some important profile characteristics that we use to help you manage your area and need coverage – try them out!

  • Languages spoken
  • Lift / strength capacity
  • Over 21 / Alcohol demo expert
  • Expertise in experiential demos
  • Experience in inventory
  • Food demo experience
  • Merchandising expert
  • Retail sales expert
  • Valid driver’s license and car
  • Display construction experience
  • Territory / Division location
  1. Ridiculously Easy Scheduling and Optimization

Lots of systems let you drop a name into a time slot.

Do they account for hours, overtime, overlap and expense controls? Nope.

Reading that last part might have you cringing over the extra payroll that went to overtime and the mileage reimbursement bucks that flew out the door.


Believe it or not, these problems aren’t just a “you” thing, that’s why we built a solution that prevents these tricky mishaps.

Also, it turns out, some of these issues can be prevented – thanks to high-power field management software.

GPS verification is part of the solution. When field staff check in to their jobs, their GPS positioning is verified. Are they really there? If not, you’ll know. That means no more padding the clock, checking in late or faking a check-in. Also, you’ll get a better assessment of how long task execution is taking each staff member.

You’ll also have access to features that let you limit the max number of hours scheduled per employee as you schedule, simulate your scheduling scenarios to spot issues, and check up on project completion by manager, territory or individual location.

Stop Overlap and Overrun on Expenses

More integrated tracking tech also stops the budget and staffing circus. As employees start their route from store to store, you’ll know if they took the route specified and the mileage they travelled.

That means their pit-stop for cheeseburgers won’t come out of your budget – and they won’t get paid to slack, cruise or snack.

Also, the Natural Insight tracking solution automagically lets you know when employees leave early or miss their shift altogether.

Old school: Staffers not carrying the latest smartphone? They can also check in through a web browser and phone tree IVR.

Take Control

Natural Insight’s field and workforce management platform empowers you to collect data, assess field team strengths and individual talents and rapidly distribute and verify your merchandising execution. What better way to make sure your products get where they need to be?

For more information on how we take the chaos out of retail merchandising, download our infographic: Natural Insight: Creating Order from Chaos.

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