Capango's mobile recruiting platform expands focus to support retailers - and job seekers - impacted by COVID-19. 

We're excited to announce a strategic change to our organization today, as we launch Capango Inc, as a separate entity. A change that will allow us to place even stronger focus on our recruiting platform's initiatives to get job seekers connected to employers and get back to work, while also simplifying the process for struggling retailers. As a key part of this change, Stefan Midford has been appointed President and will lead the new organization as it expands nationally.    

 “We are accelerating our focus on the changes required by the retail industry due to COVID-19 and are working to help job seekers find work they love with an optimized job search experience.” said co-founder and CEO Stan Zylowski. “Leaning into our recruiting platform Capango has always been a key growth strategy. The timing is right.” 

If you aren't yet familiar with the Capango recruiting platform, it's incredibly user friendly and quick to set up - both for job seekers filling out profiles and for employers posting open positions. The mobile app uses proprietary scoring algorithms to match workers with jobs, and features a mobile social app feel. Capango launched in beta in early 2019 and has had downloads by more than 35,000 job seekers to date. In addition, hundreds of retail employers have posted thousands of work opportunities.  

As former CEO and founder of Natural Insight, Stefan Midford, worked with many retail organizations in the creation of Capango. “Our research identified an enormous opportunity to create a simpler, faster recruiting platform built for mobile workers in the retail industry. That process had not changed materially in decades and the challenges of the past few months make it even more important that we focus on helping workers and employers get back to work again.”   



Capango continues to work directly with employers and has launched a “Back to Work” offering of reduced fees and accelerated marketing to attract job seekers. Through the program, businesses can pay reduced fees through September 30th or a subscription fee to utilize Capango for the remainder of 2020. 

In 2018, Level Equity of New York made a Series A equity investment in Movista and within a year also backed the acquisition of Virginia-based competitor Natural Insight. Now, as a separate entity, Capango Inc. opens the door to broader markets and a focus on accelerated growth. 

Read the full press release here.



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