If you've ever hired an experiential marketing agency then you know that they're highly creative thinkers who are really good at staging amazing events.

You also probably know that they're not always the most detail oriented.

That’s why the best experiential agencies are using innovative workforce management software to help take care of the boring little details that ultimately lead to great execution of memorable marketing events.

So, without further delay, here’s 5 ways experiential marketing agencies are using workforce management software to improve event execution:

1) Find the Perfect Person for the Perfect Job

Project managers use intelligent scheduling capabilities called "staff tags" to quickly and easily find and schedule the perfect brand ambassadors for jobs that match with their unique skills and experience.

2) Capture Event Photos in Real Time to Visually Verify A Job Well Done

Event marketing software optimized for mobile phones enables brand ambassadors to capture and share photos in real time with managers and clients. The result is real time visual verification of a job well done.

3) Know Immediately When Things Go Wrong

There's an old saying that goes "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray." Every experiential marketing agency under the sun knows this reality first hand. Fortunately, workforce management technology exists that alerts mangers in real time when things inevitably go wrong. For example, if a brand ambassador fails to check-in for an event on time -- or if they check-in for work when they're really at the beach -- managers know immediately and it's easy for them to take corrective action.

4) See and Understand Event Data in Real Time

Workforce management technology makes it easy for brand ambassadors to use their mobile phones or tablet computers to answer survey questions and share information from the field so project managers can see and understand operational data in real-time. Managers now have the necessary information at their finger tips to rapidly refine plans and constantly improve marketing ROI which makes clients happy.

5) Keep Clients Informed and Up To Speed

People say that, "Data doesn't lie and everyone loves transparency". This is especially true for clients who pay the bills to fund experiential marketing programs. By using integrated workforce management technology, reps share event data with managers in real time, and managers in turn share relevant reports with clients in real time.

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