Air traffic controllers have a tough job. They have hundreds of flight patterns to manage and only one shot to get it right.


Managers of remote and mobile workforces are a lot like air traffic controllers...they both have to be able to track and monitor many moving parts and react immediately when things go wrong.

Fortunately, innovative technology exists that enables both air traffic controllers and corporate managers to "see in the dark" so they can easily monitor and manage remote and mobile resources.

In the realm of managing mobile workers -- software makes it simple to:

1. Schedule people for specific projects based on individual skills and attributes.

2. Visually verify tasks by capturing photos.

3. Track worker time and verify attendance with mobile phones and GPS.

4. Measure and analyze data in real time and improve results.

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Shannon King is a Marketing Manager at Natural Insight. She's an avid Washington, D.C. sports fan and traveler/adventurer. Say hi on Twitter @shannonking456