You’ve done the work, taken the time to draft the perfect team, and now it’s finally game day.

The first question is: Who are you going to start?

Aaron Rodgers, a proven player is an option…but against a top notch defense? Or, your backup (in a fantasy dream world) Drew Brees?

Next question: Do you put a tight end, wide receiver, or running back in your flex position?

Sure, Gronk can rack up the points, but is he going to be 100% by Sunday?

Last question: How are you going to set your lineup and manage trades with other people in your league?

It’s simple…technology.

Whether it’s Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS, Rotowire or whatever website you use…your fantasy league would be as bad as Tebow’s attempt at playing in the NFL without it.

You might get things started, but your chances of making the playoffs are doomed.

So why is a workforce management software company blogging about fantasy football?

Because managing a workforce is very similar to managing a fantasy team. You need the right people, the right information, and a way to communicate.

For example…

How do managers decide who to play (assign a job)?

Using innovative workforce management software you can easily assign the right person for the right job based on their experience and skills.

How are stats monitored?

Photos uploaded from the field as well as data collected in the form of survey questions provide managers with the information they need to make insightful decisions. It’s easy to see how a project is progressing and make decisions based on the data received in real-time.

How will managers communicate with their team?

Workforce management software makes communication between the corporate office and the field easy. Each employee receives the same, clear instructions and in return the home office receives in-depth data and photos in real time.

So, like fantasy football leagues, managers with a largely remote workforce need technology to set their lineups (schedule), track their progress (task management and time keeping), and communicate (reporting) with their team.

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Shannon King is a Marketing Manager at Natural Insight. She's an avid Washington, D.C. sports fan and traveler/adventurer. Say hi on Twitter @shannonking456