Please don't be confused by the title of this blog post.

Nasty Gal is the fastest-growing online retailer in the country founded by fashion phenom Sophia Amoruso who began her career selling clothes on eBay. In just five years, Ms. Amoruso has grown the brand into a huge online retailer with $100 million per year in sales of six-inch platform shoes, motorcycle jackets, rock tees, shredded denim and red lip stick.

Today, Nasty Gal is a modern retailer at a fascinating inflection point. Numerous reports indicate the company is undergoing some major challenges as it attempts to parlay its initial online success into a mature and efficient retail operation fueled by omni-channel distribution and the opening offline brick and mortar stores.

So why would a business like this -- with enormous initial success online -- look to expand distribution into variety of other channels, including brick and mortar stores? The simple, one word answer is "growth".

Ms. Amoruso is a big thinker and a true visionary. She isn't just selling clothes online. She's building a brand. She's creating experiences that connect emotionally with young and hip female consumers.She is literally trying to make Nasty Gal one of the most coveted fashion brands in the world.

In order to succeed, Nasty Gal needs to expand beyond "online only" and embrace a fully faceted omni-channel retail strategy. One that gives consumers a single view of the Nasty Gal brand through multiple lenses including mobile, online and physical stores. The company needs to embrace a world where young ladies can order online, pickup at the local store, or purchase in store and have products delivered to their home on the same day. The company must have zealous focus on superior retail execution whereby physical stores are managed and staffed by talented brand ambassadors who execute flawlessly and consistently deliver amazing retail consumer experiences; experiences that simply can't be replicated online.

So despite the company's current challenges -- it seems to me Nasty Gal is well positioned for a bright future led by it's courageous and creative CEO who, in her own words, is "hell bent" on success.

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