We've all heard the statements “talk is cheap” and “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well… in retail, truer words were never spoken, especially when it comes to task execution. Having the option to easily and accurately assess and visually verify task execution at a granular level gives retailers the ability to hold each store or even associate accountable for proper performance.

While compiling pictures from hundreds of stores involving various projects and thousands of employees seems messy, it’s actually pretty simple.

As tasks are completed store managers take a picture using their phone or tablet and attach it to a survey which, once submitted, can be quickly and easily viewed by the home office. This gives retailers the ability to search by store, by project, or even by associate and visually verify that not only was the task completed, but it was executed how and when it was assigned.

Let's take a real world example... Hearing that the spring line was rolled out in every one of your stores is good. Being able to see it for yourself and know that it is properly displayed is great. It removes all doubt from the situation and encourages your associates to perform at a higher level.

visual verification

Seeing is believing and, in retail, going on faith alone doesn't cut it. Visual verification provides retailers with the ability to ensure consistent execution throughout all stores.

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