Let's face it. The nature of labor in America is changing fast.

Like a bead of mercury, it's difficult for employers to get their hands around the constantly morphing landscape of labor laws and regulations -- not to mention the ever changing nature of workforce demographics.

From baby boomers, to gen-X, to millennials -- people's attitudes toward work can be vastly different. Something that is "sensible and normal" to one person in the workforce is "silly and strange" to another.

The dynamics of constant change and maximum variability not only define the modern labor market, but require employers to think different with regard to sourcing and scheduling workers. Furthermore, these realities dictate that technology vendors must develop new tools that employers can use to efficiently schedule workers across a broad spectrum of scenarios.

As a leading provider of workforce management software, this is why we created a one-of-a-kind Swiss Army Knife for scheduling workers in a modern world. It's a solution that's uniquely integrated with time keeping, task management and reporting.

So, whether your company is scheduling 5 employees to cover shifts at a single location, or 5,000 contractors to complete a task at 5,000 locations — our workforce management cloud offers employers of all shapes and sizes a sophisticated yet simple way to schedule, measure and manage the right labor resources, in the right places, at the right times.

Want to get the full story behind our innovative Swiss Army Knife for scheduling? Take a peek at the presentation below.

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