Let's face it, as consumers we're becoming increasingly desensitized to the massive amount of advertising that bombards us everyday.

This reality presents a challenge for brands everywhere -- but, fortunately, there is an alternative type of marketing that helps brands engage and create authentic connections with consumers.

I am referring to experiential product marketing.  A type of marketing focused on helping consumers experience a brand.  According to research from Daymon Worldwide Interactions here are three reasons it works so well:

  • 96% of shoppers prefer to spend their money at retailers that offer in-store product demonstrations.
  • 82% of shoppers would rather learn about products from in-store demonstrations vs online research
  • 81% of shoppers have purchased a product on impulse after having sampled it in store 

So, the next time you encounter a demo while shopping in a store, stop and think for a second how you feel.

Is the brand connecting with you in a valuable manner?  Or would you prefer to see another ad? 

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