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If you lead a team of dispersed employees, you know how necessary communication is to get your projects done – on time and the right way. 

If you’re ON team of dispersed employees, you know how important alignment is to help you do your job well.  

When there’s miscommunication, zero accountability, minimal clarity or a lack of collaboration for teams, frontline workers are left out to dry, mistakes abound and sales suffer. We've encountered this inconvenient truth time and time again during our 10+ years in the retail ecosystem. We see many retail teams that are separated by their disparate systems, leading to disarray internally and, eventually, on their shelves and displays.  

Especially now, as our world is more distanced, and our teams are more dispersed than ever – accountability and efficiency are necessary. 

It’s often the wild, wild west among field and store teams in many ways. Managers are left blindly hoping that no one makes any unsavory comments or sends an irresponsible message– without much control or visibility into conversations or connections. Not to mention the other myriad miscommunications that can easily occur with zero oversight.  

As you’re being forced to do more with less (in the midst of a pandemic, no less) have you considered the gaps in your retail execution? Is there a breakdown in your team communication? Are you working with a handful of separate, manual, disconnected systems? 

WorkTrak+ is a secure, mobile, task management and retail execution platform built to help people who want to confront or prevent these exact issuesWorkTrak+ takes your teams’ collaboration and productivity to the next level – so you can stop wasting time, stop wasting money and sell more.  

The software is robust – but it doesn’t neglect the simplicity of excellence.  

Structured social communication is critical. Collaboration powers retail more than anything else. Unlike the other guys, WorkTrak+ is more than just a tool for chatting. 

With Bulletins, message audiences can be whatever you need them to be. You can send Bulletins: from the top-down (leadership --> everyone); to all users; to select groups in the fieldand to individuals, too. If you want to capture any information from your teams, gather feedback or poll your employees for opinions, that can be done through simple, standalone surveys. Complete control is at your fingertips. (This visual aid might help!) 

Targeted communication has never been easier. Teams and company-organization structures are dictated by you, too – for even MORE control. Your teams can communicate inside and outside of your organization, as you allow it and as it enables your projects. Different teams can be set up with different rules, and barriers can be based on team dynamics. Store teams can even talk to other store teams, if that works for you. Plus, personally identifiable identification (PII) is always protected by the use of the apps’ voice calls and chatsMeaning, you can finally rest assured.  

Proprietary content is kept secure to ensure the right information gets to the right people, at the right time. You can restrict specific words, see historic logs for every conversation and review insight into the communication that goes out – to gain invaluable insight into read rates and engagement levels. With seamless integration to fit your needs, this kind of reporting helps you view the health of your organization and gives your team ultimate accountability -- all in ONE place

Employees can also choose to only talk with others on WorkTrakwhen they’re on the clock and “on duty.” Off-duty team members don’t get notifications, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally engaging someone who isn’t getting compensated for their time. 

Your teams will also have help in the palm of their hand with a chatbot that never sleeps. This AI-powered support system provides employees with instant help in the field and can be an efficient cost-saver for you in the long run, too. 

Documents (reference materials, manuals, etc.) can be uploaded and stored in the cloud for specific teams or for the whole company—all depending on which levels of access you choose. The file storage structure is intuitive and controlled with simple and organized “Drawers.”  

With WorkTrak+ your teams will feel empowered, and we've learned that supported employees are simply better at their jobs. They’re more engaged in their work, they’re happier on the job, they’re more productive, their performance skyrockets and they’re less likely to leave their jobs due to frustrating systems and time-wasting workflows. Everything your teams need can be found on WorkTrak+ for complete data synchrony and endless cross-functioning capabilities. (Your employees will thank you.)

You no longer have to exhaust yourself and frustrate your teams by managing disparate systems and messy processes. Retail can be easy. Dispersed workforce management can be simple. 

Get your teams focused, informed and aligned. WorkTrak+ streamlines communication and takes collaboration to the next level, company-wideIts single, sleek interface is simple to onboard and intuitive to useWorkTrak+ is the tool your teams need to complete retail execution with excellence. Click the button below to learn how it could take your teams to the next level.


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