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We are excited to announce that Natural Insight has joined Movista Inc.

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Retail Fulfillment—often referred to as “fulfillment,” for short—is the process of managing shipments and tracking and confirming the delivery of physical materials in stores.
In retail, product placement strategies are the strategies related to placing products in stores including visual merchandising, product display and layout.
Route Optimization is ensuring that the routes that you or your employees take are as efficient as possible.
Staff scoring is a way to evaluate staff performance. It can be purely qualitative, or it can take into account other variables.
Store demos are a way for brands and retailers to engage with shoppers directly, create a human connection, and let them experience the product.
In retail, fixtures refer to any piece of equipment or furniture used to display products.
Workforce ROI is the return on investment of a workforce. It is calculated as follows: (Net profit resulting from the work of the workforce / (cost of hiring + cost of training and onboarding + payroll) ) *100.
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