Brick-and-mortar retail is a physical location, like a store, where transactions occur. This term is used in opposition to "online retail" and e-commerce.

There are endless articles about "the end of retail" (a.k.a. "the end of brick-and-mortar"). A popular theory is that brick-and-mortar is done, and headlines predict a future without stores, supported by numbers of big chains closing stores. Many experts agree, though: brick-and-mortar is not dead, it is evolving.

As Neil Blumenthal, Warby Parker Co-CEO puts it, "Retail is not dead. Mediocre retail is dead." This sentence sums up the challenge facing retailers. To survive, they need to create exceptional store experience for their customers. This includes creating unique experiential marketing programs, developing successful omnichannel strategies, hiring knowledgeable sales associates, and working with brands to develop state-of-the-art product placement.


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