Who Is It?

“Field rep” is short for field representative. Field reps can be brand ambassadors, assisted sales representative or merchandisers. They are the “boots on the ground” in the Retail universe. On a typical day, the field rep is traveling to stores, setting up displays, and interacting with the consumers.

Why Do They Matter?

Aside from being the person representing your brand and interacting with the consumer, a field sets up products in the store and is the last touch point before purchase between a brand and the customer.

Since their role is so important, field reps need to have easy access to the tools they need to complete their work, detailed instructions on their tasks and schedules, and to be able to report on their work efficiently. Many companies employ retail workforce management software to help field reps accomplish this accessibility.

What Are the Challenges?

Finding the right person for the right job and keeping track of everything that gets done can be challenging with large and diverse field representative workforces. In the Gig Economy, there are many different individuals looking for many different kinds of work. As an employer, you need many different kinds of work accomplished in many different ways. Finding the flexibility to cater to the field rep workforce, as varying as it is, requires a solid field execution tool to cover all the bases.


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