What are field teams?

The Field Team is the unit that completes operations in the field. In retail, field teams often refer to merchandisers, sales reps, brand ambassadors, or demo specialists. Though the size of the team might vary, there will be some number of field reps and managers who work together to ensure that displays are being set up and promotions are being pushed.

Field teams are critical to implementing successful retail strategies

Field teams are at the center of any successful retail execution strategy. They are responsible of ensuring a good customer experience at the retail point of purchase. For retail staffing companies and brands, it is essential to ensure they recruit the right talent. The Field Team on the floor needs tools in order to complete work in-store while their managers need to communicate with them and report up to their own managers.

What Are the Challenges?

With large field teams, it can be challenging to communicate schedules and tasks accurately and ensure communication between the field and headquarters. Without the right tools, getting visibility into retail execution can be challenging. Field teams need to be able to communicate with each other efficiently and without interruption so that they can complete their individual tasks in the store. Retail execution software is critical to ensuring these teams can not only communicate with one another, but also to other important aspects like timekeeping, task management, and—for these teams’ managers—data analytics.


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