Merchandising Software refers to software solutions built to simplify in-store merchandising and improve planogram compliance. Merchandising software streamlines communication between headquarters and field staff, simplifies scheduling, task management and routing, increases accountability via quality assurance features such as visual verification, and improves reporting and transparency.

Merchandising companies use merchandising software to distribute tasks to qualified workers, verify work and compliance, integrate timekeeping with payroll, and report to their clients. Retailers and consumer brands also use merchandising software to assign tasks, verify completion and compliance, collect store and shelf data and create reports for merchandising and marketing leadership.


Merchandising Software as a Tool to Improve ROI

Merchandising software is essential to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, and improve compliance rates. Planogram compliance is one of retail's biggest blind spots. In 2016, RIS estimated that most retailers lost $1 million to $30 million in sales on non-compliant retail execution. That's about 8.5 Billion in lost sales every year across the US. At a time where online-only retailers are such a threat to brick-and-mortar, implementing technology that improves compliance is critical for savvy players across the retail ecosystem.

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