What Is Mobile Retail Execution?

Mobile Retail Execution is the process of performing Retail-oriented work processes in brick-and-mortar stores, usually through the use of a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

Why Does It Matter?

Over the past many years and still today, technology is growing to be more mobile. Field reps[a] visit many stores a day and can more easily log their work and timekeeping on a device that they can easily take with them. Enter: phones and tablets. For retail workers and field reps, this means that they can get instructions at the palm of their hands, and record information that will be transmitted in real-time to their headquarters. Staff complete tasks 20% faster by using mobile technology, while also saving time on reporting. The right mobile technology will also give real-time visibility to admin teams into task and project completion, emergency re-scheduling needs, etc. By using something as handy as a phone or a tablet, field reps can visit multiple stores a day, log their work as they complete it, and be on their way to their next assignment.

Technology is growing to be more mobile, and there is no end in sight for this trend. As things like smartphones and tablets become more affordable—and thus, ubiquitous—Mobile Retail Execution will further cement itself as “the new normal.”

[a]Definition does not yet exist as of 10/18/17. The link is the correct link once the definition for Field Rep is created.

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