What Does "On-Demand" Workforce mean?

On-demand or Contingent workforces are composed of staff members that can be hired "on-demand." Staff members of an on-demand workforce are individual contractors and freelancers.

Who Uses the On-Demand Workforce in the Retail Industry?

Retailers, product companies, merchandisers, and experiential and marketing agencies use on-demand workforce. Most often, retailers and brands use third-party companies such as merchandisers and experiential agencies when they need to leverage on-demand workforces.

Why is Everybody Suddenly Talking about It?

On-demand workforces offer a lot of flexibility and allow the retail industry to offer flexible work to qualified workers in order to provide the best in-store experience to customers. Some reports show that close to half the population will be part of the "on-demand" workforce by 2020.

What Does It Change for Recruiters?

Recruiting qualified, passionate, reliable on-demand staff can be challenging. Companies that hire on-demand workforces often find ways to evaluate the performance of each worker through different methods of scoring (think Uber rating) and calculate their workforce ROI.