What is Retail Execution Software?

Retail Execution Software, also called field execution software, is tool that helps streamline and optimize retail execution. This includes activities such as merchandising, in-store marketing programs, fulfillment, interaction with customers, assisted sales, store planning, and planograms. Features often include talent management, staff search, scheduling, document sharing, messaging, photo capture, task management, timekeeping, and reporting.

Who Uses Field Execution Software?

Retailers, Consumer Brands, Merchandising, and Experiential Marketing companies are using Retail Execution Software. Retail Execution Software is sometimes called Field Execution Software, Store Execution Software, or even Workforce Management Software. 

Why Is It Important to Use Retail Execution Software?

Seamlessly executing retail strategies across thousands of locations is a challenging task. It requires efficient communication with teams in the field and instant feedback from retail locations to adjust operations in real time. Retail operation teams can often struggle to get a proper view of in-store execution, often depending on too many tools such as email and Excel. Field Execution Software makes it easy to organize any execution project seamlessly, whether it is merchandising, demo and sample programs, en-cap resets, or sales associate trainings.

Best-in-class retail execution software, like Natural Insight, offers a comprehensive way to keep track of each project, determine the efficiency of field teams, improve compliance, and collect critical in-store information required for store audits or gathering competitive intelligence.

Using the right software can dramatically improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, increase compliance, and ultimately drive in-store sales.


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