Store demos are a way for brands and retailers to engage with shoppers directly, create a human connection, and let them experience the product. They are often part of an experiential marketing strategy.

Store demos have existed for as long as retail existed, but there is a newfound interest in creating compelling store demos as shoppers are asking for better store experience. Store demos are also a pretty affordable way to stand out in stores and create memorable impressions.

Experiential marketing companies specialize in creating and executing memorable store demos for brands and retailers. Some brands or retailers might also choose to use their own staff to execute their demo programs.

Optimizing Store Demo Programs

To optimize in-store demo programs, companies need to make sure that they can run them effectively and understand their impact internally.

Using a retail execution software to capture data such as foot traffic, the number of coupons distributed, and purchase intent can help measure the impact of demo programs on sales and the brand awareness. This is also a way to get some direct feedback about the product demonstrated. Coupons are an effective way to measure sales that have been influenced by the demo program.

To further optimize the impact of store demos, finding the right people to run demos in stores is critical. Finding engaging and friendly brand ambassadors that are naturally good sales people and who and enjoy the product themselves can make all the difference between a successful and failed demo.

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