Workforce Management Software helps optimize and automate a lot of the tasks included in workforce management processes. Workforce Management Software often includes scheduling features but can also include talent management, task management, or payroll. Retail workforce management software often includes project and task mangement, as well store audit, data capture, and reporting.

Retail workforce management software can also be called retail execution software, field execution software, or in-store execution software. 

Retailers, Brands, Merchandisers, and Experiential Marketing companies often use workforce management software. Some companies can choose to execute workforce management tasks manually, but most companies opt for using software because it creates a lot of efficiencies and visibility, and ultimately helps to improve workforce ROI.


How Does Workforce Management Software Help?

Workforce Management Software can dramatically lower the time spent on back-office tasks and significantly improve productivity, while improving compliance. It can also allow merchandisers and experiencial marketing agencies to scale and accelerate their growth.

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