Staff scoring is a way to score staff. It can be purely qualitative (think manager rating or customer rating), or it can take into account other variables. When scoring on-demand staff, it is a good idea to measure engagement (how many job assignments do workers accept) as well as reliability (do staff members complete jobs/tasks that they accept in time).

Any company that hires contingent or on-demand workforces can use staff scoring as a way to measure the performance of their workers.

With the rise of the gig economy, the need for new ways to assess performance of workers is growing. Employers can no longer count on traditional means of evaluation like on-going assessment by managers, and qualitative ratings don't give enough transparency to improve the global performance of workforces. Comprehensive staff scoring help palliate this problem by using work history to compile a score for each workers. Companies like Uber and Lyft have perfected this system. An effective staff scoring system helps improve workforce ROI.


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