What Is Visual Verification?

Visual verification is the act of confirming—usually through photos taken on a mobile device—that assigned work is being completed in the way it was meant to be completed.

Visual Verification is often a component of a good retail task management tool.

Why should retail and field operation teams use visual verification?


An employee might skip out on an assignment but report that he did that assignment. With Visual Verification, employers can confirm that work was completed—the right way, and at the right time—by examining photos taken by the employee on-site. It is also useful to verify planogram compliance or that partners execute their part of the deal, such as when retailers are supposed to hang promotional signs in-stores.

What Are the Challenges?


As our mobile devices become more and more sophisticated, so do the camera applications on them. Over the past few years, photos have become increasingly shareable. With Bring-Your-Own-Device programs, there are very few reasons why an employee cannot snap a photo of their work to be visually verified by their employer, and as time goes on, this is expected to increase.

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