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Natural Insight Routing API

More Control over Routing!

Release Date: Thursday, October 13, 2016


Have you ever wondered if you could save money on routing?

Natural Insight's Routing API can answer that and more! The web service allows clients to collect and calculate routing expenses and, in doing so, track, analyze and manage these expenses. This data provides insight about how a client can change policies to prevent financial drain from routing expenses!

Hook up your company's internal travel expense system directly with NI's Routing API to automate travel reimbursement payments while also giving you control over routing costs.

All data per route (with a route representing the itinerary of all assignments/visits within 1 day for a staff member) will be exposed via the API according to your account's individual settings for Routing rules, procedures and reimbursement policy.

PDF_icon_padded.pngFind out all the details on the Routing API in the Natural Insight Routing Web Service - Natural Insight Feature Guide.