Workforce Scheduling

Dynamically schedule hourly employees for projects or shifts.

Right person, right place, right time. Schedule contractors performing work across thousands of locations or schedule employees covering shifts at a single location. Be flexible and adapt quickly to changing labor models.

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Natural Insight Dynamic Scheduling Software
Natural Insight Time Keeping

Time Keeping

Track worker time, attendance and productivity in remarkable detail.

Track employee time, validate locations and report travel mileage. Automatically export relevant data to third party payroll systems. Simultaneously manage labor costs and labor compliance with one integrated system.

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Task Management

Execute with discipline and visually verify results.

Organize and disseminate structured work assignments to hundreds, thousands or millions of employees at once. Automatically capture execution data and visually verify completion of tasks in real time.

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Natural Insight Task Management
Natural Insight Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics

Measure, understand and improve worker productivity.

Easily understand labor analytics in real time and measure productivity at amazingly granular levels — by task, by location, by project, by employee. Spend less time chasing answers and more time servicing customers and growing sales.

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