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We are excited to announce that Natural Insight has joined Movista Inc.

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Natural Insight, a leader in enterprise workforce management for retail merchandising and field marketing organizations, has announced that Kognitive Marketing, an experiential and event marketing agency out of Toronto, Canada, has selected Natural Insight’s cloud-based platform for end-to-end labor management.

Kognitive’s CEO and founder stepped into the experiential marketing arena while at university by marketing to his fellow college students at fraternity parties. Seeing the potential for brands to reach consumers on a personal level and the resulting increase in sales led Singer to found Kognitive Marketing in 2006.

Since 2010, Kognitive has seen 100% year over year growth and is recognized as a leader in experiential marketing.

“We are successful because of our employees,” said Josh Singer, CEO of Kognitive. “When we start a project for a client, it’s important that we choose the perfect brand ambassadors that will both represent the client and effectively reach the target market. Natural Insight allows us to easily find employees that will be the perfect fit for a project, schedule their work, track their time and attendance, and easily report the information back to our customers.”

 “Kognitive has built a process that works,” said Stefan Midford, CEO of Natural Insight. “They have built a team of creative and dedicated brand ambassadors who consistently execute marketing and sales programs on behalf of clients. We are proud to provide the necessary infrastructure that enables Kognitive to manage these remote employees and their work.”

Kognitive Marketing offers services such as: experiential marketing, direct selling, lead generation, and intercept marketing. Natural Insight automates the scheduling, task management, time keeping, and reporting processes for these remote brand ambassadors.

About Natural Insight

Supporting 65,000 skilled retail professionals in more than 110,000 locations globally, Natural Insight is a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management software for merchandisers, product companies, event marketers and retailers. Natural Insight is privately held and headquartered in Sterling, VA with offices in Toronto and Birmingham, England. Visit www.naturalinsight.com for more information.

About Kognitive Marketing

Founded in 2006, Kognitive Marketing is an industry-leading experiential marketing agency.  Kognitive goes beyond traditional intercept marketing by adding sales and lead generation to the customer experience, increasing ROI. For more information, please visit http://kognitivemarketing.com