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We are excited to announce that Natural Insight has joined Movista Inc.

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Drastically reduce windscreen time

Schedule Optimization

With Natural Insight's Schedule Optimization, organize hundreds of schedules most efficiently in just a few clicks so that your field reps spend less time in the car and save time and money.


Maximize time spent executing work

  • Automatically organize schedules to maximize the time your field teams spend in stores
  • Automatically account for minimal distance and traffic
  • Achieve more with the same resources
  • Improve coverage and execution, increase revenue




Considerably reduce administrative time spent on scheduling

  • Schedule weeks' worth of assignments in one click
  • Admins won't need to manually check store locations to group visits that are in the same area on the same day
  • Automatically space out visits to properly account for travel time without any manual verification necessary
  • Automatically schedule work at the right time since Schedule Optimization accounts for rep availability or project specifications (like if certain store visits must be completed at night, etc.)
  • Afford either your reps, your admins, or both the opportunity to optimize schedules

Improve Field Rep Satisfaction 

  • Increase employee satisfaction by reducing time spent stuck in traffic
  • Enable your reps to be more productive
  • Better engage your workforce, reduce turnover, and avoid costly recruitment efforts down the road
Schedule optimization - Improve satisfaction
Schedule optimization save on Mileage reimbursement

Save on mileage reimbursement 

  • Save between 16% and 20% on mileage costs
  • Schedule hundreds of field workers more quickly and more efficiently
  • Free up vast amounts of administrative time spent scheduling
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Organize my Workforce

Get better visibility into the performance of your on-demand workforce, staff the best people for the right job faster, and automate time consuming processes such as onboarding and payroll.

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Say goodbye scattered Excel sheets. Easily assign tasks and projects, schedule workers, and keep track of project completion in one central platform so you can do more to grow your business faster.

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Ever wished you had eyes on the ground? With Natural Insight, get more visibility into your retail execution and remote workforce than if you were actually in the field.

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Easily visualize and share powerful business intelligence from the field. Provide key insight about in-store execution, competition, in-store foot-traffic, and more to key stakeholders.

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