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We are excited to announce that Natural Insight has joined Movista Inc.

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Unlocking the Retail Ecosystem

Helping retailers, consumer brands, CPG companies, merchandising and marketing agencies deliver perfect retail execution with enterprise-grade cloud software.

The retail industry is faced with complex challenges:

$8.5 Billion  Retailers loose an estimated $8.5 billion in sales every year due to poor execution
67% Retailers increasingly depend on hourly workforce to execute. The average turnover rate in hourly workforce is 67% 

We help all players in the retail industry to:

Improve in-store experience and increase sales
Increase ROI of distributed workforce
Capture and report on field data to power continuous improvement

Supporting the Retail Ecosystem for Over 10 Years

Founded in 2009, Natural Insight started delivering cloud solutions to consumer brands, retailers and merchandising and marketing agencies to improve field execution across the retail ecosystem. To date, Natural Insight has collected in-store execution information on behalf of hundreds of brands and managed over 51 million assignments in more than 180,000 stores across the world. Our customers rely on Natural Insight to manage distributed workforces, assign and manage work, verify completion and compliance, as well as collect and report on field data.

Natural Insight is headquartered in Sterling, Va., with multiple international offices.

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