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We are excited to announce that Natural Insight has joined Movista Inc.

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STERLING, VA – May 2, 2016

Natural Insight, a leader in enterprise cloud and mobile applications for retail merchandising and workforce management, today unveiled a brand new field data collection system, Capture. In an effort to improve field teams’ job performance and reporting times, Capture allows staff members to complete data collection in a seamless and efficient manner. This translates into an accurate snapshot of field operations that businesses can analyze for trends and leverage to make strategic business decisions.

Optimized for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, Capture provides field teams with the ability to complete data collection surveys on any device and experience reporting times up to twice as fast.

For field marketers, Capture enables an intuitive data collection experience, reducing training time and improving the overall user experience. Additional benefits of Capture include: 

  • Robust inline validation equals improved accuracy and higher quality data.
    Staff spend less time correcting information and more time focused on the work assignment.

  • Mobile optimization equals faster execution.
    Capture speeds up data reporting on mobile while its upgraded offline processing allows staff to complete more work offline and reduce sync time when reconnected.

  • Intuitive user-centered design equals reduced onboarding time and user support.
    Capture is simple to use for new hires – no training required.

 “We understand the critical need for an efficient and seamless field data collection experience for retail merchandisers and field marketers, that is why we created Capture,” said Stefan Midford, CEO at Natural Insight. “We’re paving the way for our clients to not only collect field data more efficiently but also to take advantage of the insights the data reveals. Capture makes getting the right data easy so you can focus on what really matters: insight.”

Click here to learn more about how Capture provides an innovative data collection experience for retail staff in the field.

About Natural Insight

Merchandisers, product companies, marketing agencies and retailers in over 20 countries rely on the Natural Insight Cloud-based platform to improve retail execution and reduce costs. Natural Insight leads the industry today with fully integrated mobile and Web-based staff scheduling, timekeeping, task management, field communications and analytics. Natural Insight is privately held and headquartered in Sterling, VA with offices in Toronto and Birmingham, England.

Visit www.naturalinsight.com for more information.

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