Workforce Task Management

Execute with discipline and visually verify work.

Our cloud based workforce management software gives employers an easy and affordable way to create, disseminate and visually verify completion of operational tasks across hundreds, thousands or millions of hourly employees. And because our platform uniquely integrates Task Management and Time Keeping, employers can measure task productivity in real time with amazing granularity.

Core Task Management Features

Build intelligent surveys
  • Logical branching
  • Automated workflow
  • Project materials
  • Location materials
Ask insightful questions
  • Built-in data validation
  • Structured inventories 
  • Product catalogs
  • Item materials
Capture critical data
  • Photos and signatures
  • Single and multi-select
  • Currency and numeric 
  • Date and time
Verify results in real time
  • Photo libraries
  • Survey data
  • Exception reporting

Enterprise Task Management

Get work done in any location

  • Dynamically assign tasks based on skill, availability and proximity
  • Provide task specific instructions, planograms, and materials
  • Collect real time task data, feedback and market intelligence
  • Know precisely when and where tasks are completed and by whom
  • See photos to ensure compliance with quality standards

Retail Task Management

Perfect execution of in-store activities

  • Send tasks to employees or roles at specific locations
  • Layer tasks on shifts to measure selling vs. non-selling time
  • Track time spent on specific tasks by specific individuals
  • Capture task data, feedback, and photos in real time
  • Track real time status and visually verify task completion