Workforce Time Keeping

Track worker time and productivity in remarkable detail.

Natural Insight’s cloud-based workforce management platform includes built-in time keeping software that is deeply integrated with innovative scheduling and task management engines. So, whether you’re a company scheduling work, or a person performing work – we make it remarkably easy to track, report and verify time and attendance.


Core Time Keeping Features

  • Set default maximum hours and minimize compliance risks
  • Allocate extra pay for extra effort
  • Automatically track travel and reduce mileage expense
  • Accurately track time and attendance with integrated GPS services 
  • Be proactive with real time absentee alerts 
  • Prevent over-reporting of hours
  • Capture time for meals and breaks
  • Easily integrate time data with third-party payroll systems
  • Analyze hours and audit manager modifications
  • Measure actual vs budgeted hours

Simple, Easy, Integrated

Why hourly workers love our time keeping

  • Spend zero time filling out paper reports
  • Use any smartphone to check in/out of work
  • Submit time keeping automatically with completed tasks
  • Automatically report mileage for faster reimbursement
  • Plan workday route with built-in driving directions

Accurate, Insightful, Reliable

Why managers love our time keeping

  • Measure and report time per shift, per project, per task.
  • Gain real-time visibility into worker attendance
  • Track selling time vs. non-selling task time
  • Eliminate hassle of mileage reimbursement
  • Easily export to any third-party payroll