Workforce Scheduling

Dynamically schedule labor for shifts or projects.

Employees vs. contractors. Part time vs. full time. Fixed vs. variable. Shifts vs. tasks. Acquaintance-sourced vs. crowd-sourced. Whether you’re scheduling 5 employees to work shifts at a single location, or 5,000 contractors to complete a single task at any location — our cloud-based workforce management software offers employers of all shapes and sizes a sophisticated yet simple way to schedule the right labor resources, in the right places, at the right times.


Core Scheduling Features

  • Schedule labor for temporary projects
  • Offer work to qualified staff based on skills, experience and attributes
  • Assign work to specific and default staff
  • Schedule employees for defined shifts 
  • Schedule and manage work within assigned territories
  • Model labor scenarios ahead of time
  • Eliminate accidental overtime and unintended benefit expense

Project and Event Scheduling

For merchandisers, staffing firms and marketing agencies

  • Easily source jobs with part-time and hourly resources
  • Use tags to find closest and most qualified staff available
  • Empower staff to manage their own schedules
  • Gain real time visibility into schedule compliance

Shift Scheduling

For store-in-store, kiosk and specialty retailers

  • Use templates to easily schedule 1 or 100,000 shifts
  • Automatically align managers with defined labor budgets
  • Layer tasks on top of shifts to measure selling vs. non-selling time
  • Simplify scheduling for managers and store associates