Sterling, Va. – December 19, 2017 - Natural Insight, a leading provider of a cloud-based advanced retail execution and workforce management platform, today announced it has hit significant milestones in terms of worldwide adoption of its enterprise cloud and mobile platform. Merchandisers, product companies, marketing agencies and retailers in over 20 countries around the world rely on Natural Insight to manage distributed workforces, assign and manage work, verify completion and compliance and collect and report on field data. The fully integrated mobile and cloud-based platform empowers all players in the retail ecosystem to improve in-store experience, grow sales, increase ROI of distributed workforce and capture and report on field data to drive continuous improvement.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, brick and mortar sales account for more than 90 percent of total retail sales. With spending expected to hit $1 trillion during this busy holiday season, the need to manage and monitor in-store performance to ensure exceptional customer experience is more important than ever. With the Natural Insight mobile-first platform, workers are empowered to be more productive anytime and anywhere. By streamlining workforce tasks - such as clocking in and out, inventory and assignment completion - Natural Insight enables workers to focus on what truly matters, building personalized relationships with consumers. Moreover, by collecting data on foot traffic, display and store conditions as well as customer feedback and quotes, Natural Insight helps brands build a competitive advantage to boost customer loyalty and increase sales.

"Looking back at the last 14 years, I couldn't be prouder of the work accomplished by our amazing team," said Stefan Midford, president and CEO of Natural Insight. "As we enter into our 15th year of business, our mission remains the same - to empower our customers to grow and succeed in the ever-changing retail landscape through our innovative cloud-based retail execution and workforce management platform."

Since launching in 2009, Natural Insight has achieved the following milestones:

  • Over a billion data points collected by brands to manage retail conditions 
  • Millions of workforce assignments successfully managed at over 180,000 locations worldwide 
  • More than one million photo uploads per month to visually verify completed work 
  • In 2017 alone, more than 80,000 workers across the retail ecosystem earned over $220 million by completing work assignments managed in the Natural Insight platform

"Natural Insight was the hands-down winner in software options," said Craig Belcher, general manager at Rhoddy Marketing Group. "The insight we can gather with Natural Insight is unbelievably powerful. The platform gives us the raw, two-way data that we need to present and showcase the work we've done for our clients. Above all, Natural Insight is one of the best companies with which I've partnered. Not only is their technology seamless, but their customer service truly sets them apart."

Earlier this year, Natural Insight unveiled two major capabilities as part of its constant investment in innovation: Reveal Analytics and Workforce Health. With Reveal Analytics, retailers gain unprecedented transparency into promotional execution, merchandising, store conditions and in-store marketing events, enabling them to use any mobile device to monitor and react to the challenges of managing the retail environment. Workforce Health's advanced employee scoring algorithm enables employers to build better, more effective teams and improve the quality of their field execution, translating to less store re-visits, improved compliance and an increase in sales.

About Natural Insight 

Founded in 2009, Natural Insight provides a cloud-based advanced retail execution and workforce management platform for consumer brands, retailers and merchandising and marketing agencies.

With Natural Insight, all players across the retail ecosystem are empowered to improve in-store experience, grow sales, increase ROI of distributed workforce and capture and report on field data to power continuous improvement.

Natural Insight is headquartered in Sterling, Va., with multiple international offices around the world.

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